Teaching Assistants

Undergraduate TAships are available to FLC students. Psychology faculty members may need TAs for their courses.

Typically, in order to qualify to be a TA for a course, you must have already completed the course that you plan on being a TA for. Qualified students should approach the professors that they wish to TA for. TAs may register for independent study or other credits or receive work-study if they are eligible. One course credit corresponds to roughly 3 hours a week of TA work.

Research Assistants

Psychology faculty members conduct research to better understand human behavior. Some may have undergraduate research assistantships available to interested and qualified students.

If you are interested in becoming an RA, you may start by reviewing the research agenda of various psychology professors here. If a professor's research agenda interests you, contact that professor to learn more about his/her work and to see if he/she is looking for RAs. Most psychology professors conduct their research through their Senior Research classes.

Field School in Clinical Psychology (PSYC 394)

The Clinical Psychology Field School is ON for Summer 2020, May 18-June 19!

A 6-week class, with one week of pre-trip orientation and 5 weeks of participation with a team of psychologists and other mental health professionals at a state hospital for mentally disordered individuals or in a jail setting. Experiences include patient interviews, diagnostic techniques, forensic tools, treatment planning, and participation in patient groups.

PREREQS: Abnormal Psychology + Forensic or Counseling/MI (minimum B grade) + application required

The students activities are carried out under the direct supervision of hospital or jail staff and under the mentorship of an FLC psychology professor, Dr. Brian Burke.

The current fee is ~$1600 in course fees plus tuition; the course fees include lodging for the 5 weeks. The fee is due in May with a $500 deposit due March 1. Students must have instructor permission to sign up for the course.

Every Fall semester there is an informational meeting about Psyc 394. This meeting is for students who are interested in attending the Field School in Clinical Psychology now or in the near future. Keep an ear / eye out to know when the next meeting will be held.

Fort Lewis College and University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work Cooperative Undergraduate/Graduate Degree Program

FLC Psychology or Sociology majors who want a career in social work may be able to complete both their Bachelor's degree and their Master of Social Work degrees in a total of five years through the Fort Lewis College and University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work Cooperative Undergraduate/Graduate Degree program.

The program is open for application by FLC undergraduates majoring in Psychology, Sociology-General Option or Criminology Option, Gender and Women's Studies, Public Health and Anthropology. Students must meet specific admissions criteria.

For the first three years in the program, students are undergraduates paying tuition to Fort Lewis College. During this time, at least 90 credits (at least 15 upper division) must be completed including all Liberal Arts Core requirements (lower and upper division), and the specific courses required by the major. In the fourth year of the program, students are enrolled in the DU Four Corners MSW program. All courses in this program are offered in Durango, Colorado. At the end of the fourth year, all DU credits (30 semester credits) are transferred back to FLC and used to complete the B.A. degree which is then awarded with an August graduation date. In their fifth year, students are DU/GSSW graduate students. Their MSW degree is awarded after completion of this year.

The DU program is cohort based on a two year cycle. Cooperative program students are only admitted at the beginning of each cohort.

Click here for general information about the program. For more information about the FLC requirements, contact Dr. Megan Wrona at her FLC email.

Be a STEM tutor or a STEM participant at the Student Success Center

Psychology is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) field according to the National Science Foundation (NSF). Therefore, psychology majors have an opportunity to be part of the STEM3 program at the Student Success Center either as a tutor or as a participant. The mission of the STEM3 program is to improve the success rates in retention, graduation, and graduate school transferability of STEM students at FLC.

Services offered by the STEM3 to its participants include the following:

  • One-on-one and group tutoring
  • Financial aid information
  • Individualized academic advising
  • Personal and career counseling
  • Private computer lab
  • Workshops
  • Midterms/finals week study sessions
  • Graduate school planning assistance
  • Field trips
  • Social and cultural events.

Here are the requirements for STEM participants:

  • Neither of your supporting parents/legal guardians had a bachelor's degree before you were 18 years old OR
  • You applied for a financial aid and received a Pell Grant OR
  • You have a documented disability

For more information, visit the STEM3 Student Success Center page. You can even be a STEM tutor!