Teach your passion

Our K-12 & secondary education degree program will prepare you to teach either a secondary specific discipline (e.g. English, Math, Science, or Social Studies) for Grades 7-12 or special subjects (e.g. Art, Drama/Theater, Music, Physical Education, or Spanish) for Grades K-12.

Roadmap for Incoming Freshmen

To pursue a K-12 & secondary education degree, you'll start by declaring one of these majors when you're admitted to FLC:

  • Art - Studio Art major
  • Drama/Theater- Theater major
  • English – English major
  • Math - Math major
  • Music - Music Education major
  • Physical Education - Exercise Science Specialist major
  • Science
    • Biology major
    • Chemistry major
    • Biochemistry major
  • Social Studies - History major
  • Spanish - Spanish major

Program Requirements

For a complete list of K-12 & secondary education degree program requirements please see the course catalog.

Roadmap for Transfer Students (Junior-Senior)

Your first step will be to meet with an Admissions Counselor, who can help with initial course planning. At this time, the FLC Registrar will review your transcript to determine which credits from your prior school can transfer here. To research what courses will be accepted:

When you have been accepted to FLC, you will be assigned a faculty advisor in your first semester. Contact the Teacher Education Department to set up a meeting. If you want to be a Music teacher, also contact the Music Department.

Program Requirements

  • Junior
    • Plan to either enroll in the Master of Arts in Education: Teacher Licensure program after your senior year or take 400 level education courses and upper division specific discipline courses according to your majors’ map to graduation.
    • Register for the Content Test in your content area in the Fall semester.
    • Pass the Content Test in your Spring semester.
  • Senior

For a complete list of K-12 & secondary education degree program requirements for transfer students please see the course catalog.