Studying Entrepreneurship & Small Business

Inspired by the spirit of the wild west, informed by best practices in business management, you’ll learn to successfully bring your business ideas into the world. Based on the Business Administration platform, this program reaches into concepts such as opportunity recognition and idea creation, and grounds students in business plan development and the legal aspects of starting and running a business. You’ll be asked to call on your grit and resilience as well as your critical thinking skills through this program's many experiential learning opportunities and community connections.

Community partnerships

Strengthening this program, and making it truly unique, are the community partnerships and relationships that contribute to students' education.

  • Win the chance to own and operate a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory store when you take the Applied Entrepreneurship course
  • Win a piece of the $15,000 in cash awards to take your business off the ground in the Hawk Tank business plan competition
  • Get connected to the Durango business community through guest lectures, internships (a required part of the major), and personalized mentoring relationships with local business owners.

Featured courses

Courses for the Entrepreneurship and Small Business major are selected to prepare you to enter the game fully equipped for success.

These are just some of the classes you can look forward to taking:

Core courses include:

  • BA 205: New Business Venturing
  • BA 302: Human Resource Management
  • BA 306: Business Creativity & Innovation
  • MK 381: Digital Marketing
  • BA 437: Internship in Business

Electives include:

  • BA 363: Local Business
  • MK380: Social Media Marketing
  • MK 385: Consumer Behavior

New courses designed specifically for this program:

  • BA 421: Advanced New Business Venturing
  • BA 4XX: International Entrepreneurship
  • BA 438: Applied Entrepreneurship & Franchise Venture

After the degree

This program prepares you to:

  • Start and run your own business
  • Open a franchise
  • Lead a growing department within an existing company
  • Create a startup company

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"At Fort Lewis College, we are intent on creating opportunities for our students and our community, and this is an amazing, hands-on experience for all of our stakeholders."

Steven Elias, Dean of the School of Business Administration, Fort Lewis College