SOBA Mission and Philosophy


The FLC School of Business Administration develops career-ready students in an inclusive, experiential, and student-focused environment. We facilitate and strengthen our commitment to innovative business education and diverse scholarship by faculty members’ engagement in our community.


Personal learning.  We believe that the learning experience is enhanced when classes are offered in smaller, more personal settings and taught directly by highly qualified faculty.  Student growth is enhanced when students have the opportunity to participate more fully in their education and interact with other students and faculty in close learning communities.

Impactful, diverse learning experiences.  We believe that rich, diverse learning experiences are instrumental to students’ intellectual, professional, and personal growth.  In fulfilling our commitment to develop the whole person, we are committed to providing a curriculum diverse in experiential and applied learning activities.  We also demonstrate this commitment by providing opportunities for international and community-based learning experiences.

Quality and innovation.  We believe that a balance of quality assurance, continuous improvement, and innovation is vital to our ability to successfully carry out our mission and adapt to the ever-changing needs of our students and community.   We are committed to planned, thoughtful quality assurance and continuous improvement in accordance with AACSB processes and standards, but not at the expense of creative experimentation and entrepreneurial pursuits.  Our commitment to quality assurance is demonstrated by our rigorous and thorough assessment process. 

Engaged teacher-scholars.  We believe that excellent teaching is informed by faculty actively engaged in research, scholarship, and professional pursuits. Our faculty produce research published in peer reviewed journals and other recognized outlets for intellectual contribution that advance the scholarship of teaching, business practice and disciplinary knowledge. In addition, our faculty engages with our external stakeholders – the Durango and Four Corners business community, local and state economic growth organizations, our alumni, and Native Americans with whom Fort Lewis College has an historical connection.

Impact. We believe that the activities our students and our faculty perform should have a positive impact on the stakeholders we serve.  Through their diverse expertise and competencies, our faculty and students make a positive difference in our local and state communities by engaging with organizations to advance their practice and prepare new business leaders; in their respective disciplines by producing intellectual contributions concerning business theory and practice; and in business and economic education through pedagogical intellectual contributions.