The Fort Lewis College Writing Center promotes growth and excellence in writing. We provide a collaborative and interactive peer tutoring experience in which students learn composing strategies, and discover the diverse range of rhetorical choices available to writers. Since writing is a mode of learning as well as a tool for communication, we believe that writers benefit from sharing their works-in-progress with trained, knowledgeable, and interested peer readers.  Furthermore, the Writing Center acts as a hub of intellectual engagement to support and encourage a culture of writing on campus. To that end, we sponsor writing-related activities that foster student, faculty, staff, and community engagement.

We've linked to materials that might be useful for you in a variety of writing situations. 

General Resources Online

The Purdue Online Writing Lab has a variety of handouts and PowerPoint presentations on writing. Their APA guidelines and MLA guidelines are particularly popular along with Chicago Style resources. They also have sections on grammar, mechanics, punctuation, visual rhetoric, the rhetorical situation, and avoiding plagiarism. Finally, there is a section on subject-specific writing, including literature, engineering, social sciences, creative writing, journalism, and professional/technical writing. Want to see everything they have at once? Click here for the site map.

The University Writing Center at Texas A&M University has a great database of materials, including analyzing scholarly articles, composing annotated bibliographies, selecting a topic, and writing a thesis statement. Many of their materials are presented as videos.

Writing Commons offers materials for writers grouped into four categories: process, research, genres, and community. Each section includes a detailed discussion of materials included (for example, the research section discusses textual research and empirical research) and links to supporting videos.

The Owl Citation Chart shows the differences between the three major citation styles, and this Online Citations Resources link takes you to a handy list of websites with useful information on citation styles.