Reed Library, Room 145
Jenn Wagnon, PAA Director
(970) 247-7692

Program for Academic Advancement Website

    1.    Neither of your parents (nor your legal guardian) had a Bachelor’s degree before you became 18 years old;
    2.    You applied for financial aid and received a Pell Grant; and/or
    3.    You have a documented disability.
Preference is given to students who are both first-generation and low-income.

Application Process
A simple application process is required to document eligibility and to identify your academic needs. 
After being admitted into PAA, you will meet with a program advisor who will welcome you into the 
program. Together, you will design an academic plan and discuss your participation in PAA. Your 
academic progress is monitored and help is available if needed, at every step of the way. PAA can 
also assist you with personal concerns that may affect your ability to do your best at Fort Lewis College. 
All PAA services are free.

Services Offered
    •    Tutoring in any subject
    •    Financial Aid information
    •    Academic planning and monitoring
    •    Personal and career planning
    •    Social and Cultural events
    •    Peer mentoring
    •    Private computer lab
    •    Workshops to improve study skills, computer skills, life skills, math and writing skills, and to help you 
manage your time and money
    •    Study halls, midterm study sessions, final exam study sessions
    •    Workshops to prepare you for graduate school
    •    Field trips to regional graduate schools twice per year
    •    Special activities for non-traditional students (25 and older)