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Carol Smith, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management
Kroeger Hall, Room 204
(970) 247-7265

Hours to drop off request for tutoring:

  • M – F, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Hours to meet with Carol Smith:

  • M - F, by appointment

How to apply to be a tutor:


The Tutoring Center is transitioning in Spring 2015 to a new operational model to better serve our students in meeting academic achievement requirements established by the faculty.  Please note these changes:

  • Subject-based tutoring offered by the Tutoring Center will be offered via free group tutoring sessions tailored to each section of a course (or to the faculty member, if the faculty member is teaching more than one section).
    • These sessions will be established at the request of at least one student, but once established will be open to all students in the section OR at the request of a faculty member;
      • Exception:  The Tutoring Center will not duplicate services being provided by other tutoring programs (e.g., math tutoring, which is provided by the Mathematics Assistance Center and Algebra Alcove).
    • The tutor will work closely with the professor of the section in developing topics (in some instances, the tutor will attend class);
    • The sessions will be scheduled in late afternoon and early evening in a classroom.
  • Academic skills assessments will be offered individually in a two-session program.

How to Request a Group Tutoring Session Be Created for One of Your Courses

If you are in a course that you need additional learning support to meet your faculty member’s academic achievement requirements, complete the tutoring request form and email to  You will receive a response within one week.

If you are seeking tutoring sessions for more than one of your courses, you must complete a separate form for each course.

Any student requesting a group tutoring session who is not in Good Standing or has no Academic Standing will be required to participate in a one-on-one academic skills assessment that addresses grade goal-setting, time management, and note-taking systems. You must indicate times that you can reliably attend the group sessions.   Failure to attend group sessions will result in reduced opportunities to request tutoring in the future.  Students will be required to submit two evaluations.

Why the Transition?

The transition is related to a reorganization of advising and leanring support services into majors-based Student Success Centers.  In these centers, professional academic staff will be working closely with faculty to support students in meeting the two requirements for on-time completion of our four-year bachelor’s degree programs:

  • Curriculum Requirements -- completion of a specified set of courses in the Liberal Arts Core, the major, and the minor (if elected);
  • Academic Achievement Requirements – meeting minimum course grades for progression, minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.00, minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.00 in the major, and minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.00 in the minor (if elected).