Fort Lewis College
Accreditation Teams

The accreditation process could not take place without the invaluable assistance of faculty, staff, students, trustees, professional associates, community members, and alumni on the accreditation teams.


Cabinet Liaison: Glenna Sexton
Team Leaders: Michael Martin & Lee Frazer
Majel Boxer
Cheryl Carson
Kathleen Chandler
Jennifer Gay
Shirena Trujillo-Long
Mark Walters
Karen Wilde
Chuck Yoos

CRITERION 2. INTEGRITY: Ethical and Responsible Conduct

Cabinet Liaison: Ken Pepion
Team Leaders: Betty Dorr & Ray Kenny
Pam Arbeeny
Leslie Blood
Kelly Jenks
Elaine Labach
Darren Mathews
Lindsay Nyquist
Tracey Piccoli
John Wells
Cheryl Wiescamp

CRITERION 3. TEACHING & LEARNING: Quality, Resources and Support

Cabinet Liaison: Doug Lyon
Team Leaders: Susanne Wilhelm & Peter McCormick
Jeff Dupont
Gary Gianniny
Eric Huggins
Matthew Krichman
Jonathan Latta
Justin McBrayer
Astrid Oliver
Angie Rochat
Kelly Stanley

CRITERION 4. TEACHING & LEARNING: Evaluation and Improvement

Cabinet Liaison: Maureen Brandon
Team Leaders: Anne McCarthy & Lisa Snyder
Rebecca Austin
Ryan Haaland
Mike Hudson
Kathy Kendall
Sue Kraus
Jessica Pierce
Tana Verzuh

CRITERION 5. Resources, Planning and Institutional Effectiveness

Cabinet Liaison: Steve Schwartz
Team Leaders: Erin McKenzie & Michele Peterson
Shere Byrd
Marc Goldfarb
Doug Lyon
Matt McGlamery
Richard Miller
Steve Short
Student Member: Nicolas Thatcher


Cabinet Liaison: Jay Harrison
Team Leaders: Marc Reed & Scott Kadera
Beth Emrich
Ernest House
Mika Kusar
Kathy Kendall
Dick Mason
Mark Mastalski
Richard Miller
Carol Smith
Lisa Snyder

QUALITY INITIATIVE: Implementation of a Degree Tracking System

Chair: Carol Smith
Activity Coordinator: Beverly Chew
Catalina Aguilar
Crystal Fankhauser
Haeryon Kim
Lisa Snyder
Kelly Stanley
Steve Stovall
Bob Stremba
Jenn Wagnon
Deb Walker
Amy Wendland