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FLC faculty have been busy developing open education materials (OER) to share with educators far and wide. Take a look at what they've created incorporating OER, and developing new materials from scratch. Incorporate relevant materials into your own courses, or find inspiration in your peers' creativity.

About the materials

The OER available here vary. Some packages include a semester-long course; others include specific modules or lessons. All of these materials are in the Canvas learning management system (LMS). You can export the materials, and import them into your own Canvas course shell or into a different LMS.

Open Educational Resources

The following materials are available for you to use as they are or adapt to augment your own courses.

Biology 140: Introduction to Human Disease

OER Open Education Resources represented by an erlenmeyer flask iconDesigned by Dr. Steven Fenster, FLC Biology department

You’ll find 6 weeks of modules that provide an introduction to causes and mechanisms of human illness and death, designed for non-science majors. Course contains syllabus, discussion topics, quizzes and reading assignments.


Composition 150: Rhetoric and Research

OER Open Education Resources for writing represented by a typewriter iconDesigned by Michelle Bonanna, Dr. Nancy Cardona, Ryan Dubas, Dr. Erik Juergensmeyer, Dr. Jillian Wenburg, FLC English department

Incorporate material from a collection of modules organized by themes such as genre, grammar, rhetorical analysis, and style. Materials use an anthology of readings to explore topics of literacy experiences, and the situational dependency of “good” writing.


Exercise Science 335: Kinesiology & Biomechanics

OER Open Education Resources for exercise science represented by a muscley person iconES 335 | Designed by Dr. Melissa Thompson, FLC Public Health department

Get a full semester of course materials covering kinematics, kinetics, and materials properties. Includes modules, labs, readings, assignments. Use the whole course, or fit sections into your own course.


Geology 315: GIS Programming & Web Mapping

OER Open Education Resources for geography represented by a map iconDesigned by Dr. Mickey Campbell & Dr. Jon Harvey, FLC Geosciences department

You'll find 12 modules of material developed for a 300-level geography course. Each module is approximately one week of coursework. Use all 12 modules or fit portions of the material into your own course of a similar scope.


Mathematics 105: College Mathematics

OER Open Education Resources for mathematics represented by a calculatorMATH 105 | Designed by Leslie Goldstein, FLC Mathematics department

You'll find a full semester's materials covering changes in data, applied mathematics related personal finances, reading graphs, descriptive statistics, and more. Materials include videos, lectures, readings, and assignments for a 100-level college mathematics course.


Mathematics 113: Algebra for Calculus

OER Open Education Resources for algebra and calculus represented by a graphDesigned by Dr. Erich McAlister, FLC Mathematics department

Download this OER textbook (PDF) for a 100-level Mathematics course in algebraic skills for pre-calculus and subsequent courses. Topics include:

  • Arithmetic with numbers
  • Algebraic Expressions
  • Algebraic Equations
  • Introduction to Functions
  • Families of Functions


Mathematics 132: Introduction to Statistics

OER Open Education Resources for statistics represented by a bar graphDesigned by Dr. Sandi Dang, FLC Mathematics department

Find 6 weeks’ worth of modules containing readings, videos, quizzes, discussion prompts, and homework assignments to introduce students to statistics. Make use of the whole program, or incorporate modules into your related course.


Mathematics 327: Differential Equations

OER Open Education Resources for differential equations represented by some weird math symbolsDesigned by Dr. Carl Lienert, FLC Mathematics department

Find a semester-long course in 300-level mathematics covering a range of differential equation techniques through the study of their applications. Materials include three OER textbooks, assignments, syllabus, and more. Course includes:

  • Multiple Doses
  • Mystery Circuit
  • iPhone Replacement
  • Impulse Response
  • Second Order Systems, Second Solution Method
  • Systems
  • Non-Linear Differential Equation Tools