The accreditation process could not take place without the invaluable assistance of faculty, staff, students, trustees, professional associates, community members, and alumni on the accreditation teams.


Cabinet Liaison:Glenna Sexton
Team Leaders:Michael Martin & Lee Frazer
Majel Boxer
Cheryl Carson
Kathleen Chandler
Jennifer Gay
Shirena Trujillo-Long
Mark Walters
Karen Wilde
Chuck Yoos

CRITERION 2. INTEGRITY: Ethical and Responsible Conduct

Cabinet Liaison: Ken Pepion
Team Leaders:Betty Dorr & Ray Kenny
Pam Arbeeny
Leslie Blood
Kelly Jenks
Elaine Labach
Darren Mathews
Lindsay Nyquist
Tracey Piccoli
John Wells
Cheryl Wiescamp

CRITERION 3. TEACHING & LEARNING: Quality, Resources and Support

Cabinet Liaison: Doug Lyon
Team Leaders: Susanne Wilhelm & Peter McCormick
Jeff Dupont
Gary Gianniny
Eric Huggins
Matthew Krichman
Jonathan Latta
Justin McBrayer
Astrid Oliver
Angie Rochat
Kelly Stanley

CRITERION 4. TEACHING & LEARNING: Evaluation and Improvement

Cabinet Liaison: Maureen Brandon
Team Leaders: Anne McCarthy & Lisa Snyder
Rebecca Austin
Ryan Haaland
Mike Hudson
Kathy Kendall
Sue Kraus
Jessica Pierce
Tana Verzuh

CRITERION 5. Resources, Planning and Institutional Effectiveness

Cabinet Liaison: Steve Schwartz
Team Leaders: Erin McKenzie & Michele Peterson
Shere Byrd
Marc Goldfarb
Doug Lyon
Matt McGlamery
Richard Miller
Steve Short
Student Member: Nicolas Thatcher


Cabinet Liaison: Jay Harrison
Team Leaders: Marc Reed & Scott Kadera
Beth Emrich
Ernest House
Mika Kusar
Kathy Kendall
Dick Mason
Mark Mastalski
Richard Miller
Carol Smith
Lisa Snyder

QUALITY INITIATIVE: Implementation of a Degree Tracking System

Chair: Carol Smith
Activity Coordinator: Beverly Chew
Catalina Aguilar
Crystal Fankhauser
Haeryon Kim
Lisa Snyder
Kelly Stanley
Steve Stovall
Bob Stremba
Jenn Wagnon
Deb Walker
Amy Wendlan