Campbell Center Advisory Committee

Charge: This committee includes staff, parents and community members who plan fundraising projects, conduct program evaluation and in other ways supports the mission of the Campbell Child and Family Center.

Center of Southwest Studies Advisory Committee

Ken Francis, Chair
John Ninnemann
Art Gomez
Rod Barker
Bob Kunkel
Bev Moore
Jennifer Trujillo
Letitia Taylor
Chuck Riggs
Rick Wheelock
Larry Nordby

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Council of Learning Support Programs

Description of Activities: The Council serves as a coordina7ing committee of all the programs and offices that provide learning support – Academic Success Program, Disability Services, Native American Tutoring Program, PAA, CO-AMP, Math Center, and Writing Center. Members coordinate on recruiting, training and retention of tutors.

Leslie Goldstein, Math Center
CO-AMP rep.
Ayla Moore, Academic Success Program
Katie Sparks, PAA
Gretchen Treadwell, Writing Center

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Facilities Master Plan Steering Committee

Description of Activities: The Facilities Master Plan serves as the foundation for the modernization and expansion of campus facilities. The current plan was approved by the Board of Trustees in 2006 and will continue to guide capital construction and requests for capital expenditures in addressing program needs. While the plan is adjusted on an ongoing basis, the campus periodically undertakes a major review of the plan, including seeking faculty/staff input in order to ensure alignment of College priorities and emerging teaching methodologies with physical space needs.


Mark Gutt, Chair
Kathryn Moller
Faron Scott
Paul Peterson
Brad Hitti
Julie Love
Steve Schwartz
Student – chosen by ASFLC

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Freshman Foundations Group

Description of Activities: This committee recommends to the College Administration and various committees initiatives to improve the freshman-year experience. Initiatives that come before committees with official faculty representation will be brought, where appropriate, to the Senate by those faculty representatives. Initiatives that are recommended directly to College Administration will be brought, where appropriate, to the Faculty Senate prior to implementation.

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Grant Advisory Committee

Description of Activities: Comprised of FLC and Durango School District 9-R faculty and staff. The committee meets twice a year for the purpose of discussing the performance, prioritization, and evaluation of grant activities for the school district and with the College.

Angie Rochat, Director of Grants Management - Chair
Steve Roderick, FLC Provost & VPAA
Kenneth Pepion, FLC Associate VPAA
Ron Estler, FLC Professor of Chemistry
Bob Bunting, FLC Professor of Southwest Studies
David Hayes, FLC Director of Teacher Education
Cynthia Stengel, Grant Writer, Durango School District 9-R/FLC

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Health & Safety Group

Arnold Trujillo (Chair)
Rena Cole
Ted Gross
Mark Gutt
Steve Schwartz - Director

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Native American and Indigenous Studies Advisory Board

Tribal Representatives
Southern Ute Nation– Beth Santistevan, Academic Advisor, Higher Education (2012*)
Navajo Nation – Ferlin Clark, Dine’ College President (2011*)
Jicarilla Apache Nation –Lester Sandoval, Research and Development Specialist (2011*)
Ute Mountain Ute Nation – Robert Rime, Education Director (2012*)

Student Representatives
Teahonna James (begins Fall, 2010)
Manuelito Garbiso (begins Fall, 2010)

Alumni Representative
Tina Deschenie, (2012*)

School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty Representatives
Ester Belin, Writing Program (2013)
Carey Vicenti, Department of Sociology (2012*)

School of Business Administration
Charles “Skip” Page, Computer Science and Information Systems (2010*)

School of Natural and Behavioral Sciences Faculty Representatives
Dr. Kathy Fine-Dare, Department of Anthropology (2011*)

Teacher Education Division
Dr. Richard Fulton (Fall, 2010*)

Library and Information Services
Elayne Silversmith, librarian, CSWS; Chair of the AIS Board (2012*)

Native American Center Director
Yvonne Bilinski (2011*)

Student Services
Terry Gasdia, Student Development Advisor, PAA (2013*)

Ex Officio
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs – Dr. Ken Pepion
Dean of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences – Dr. Linda Schott
Coordinator of Native American and Indigenous Studies – Dr. Rick Wheelock
NAIS Faculty member, Dr. Majel Boxer

*Term ends in Fall of year listed

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Orientation Steering Committee

Description of Activities: This committee reports to both Student Affairs and the Dean of General and Exploratory Studies. This committee is responsible for improving New Student Orientation.

Carol Smith (Dean of General and Exploratory Studies) - Chair
Cheryl Betka (Counseling Center)
Bridget Irish (Writing Program)
Conrad Chavez (Financial Aid)
Beverly Chew (Advising Center)
Jennifer Gay (New Student Advising)
Jenn Wagnon (PAA)
Brad Benz (Writing Program Director)
Julie Love (Student Housing Director)
Susan McGinness (Counseling Center Director)
Ayla Moore (Academic Success Program)

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Pre-Health Professions Advisory Committee

Description of Activities: The Health Professions Advisory Committee provides course advising for prerequisites leading to post-baccalaureate degrees in medicine, nursing, physical therapy, dentistry, physician's assistant, naturopathy, and more. In addition to advising, the committee can also provide information on professional entrance exams such as the MCAT and MDAT. The committee provides feedback on application materials, and if requested will provide a prospective professional school candidate with a "mock" interview prior to their interview at the professional school.

Ginny Hutchins
Ted Bartlett
Cindy Browder
Les Sommerville
John Condie
Page Lindsey
Carrie Meyer

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Presidents Advisory Council for Environmental Affairs

PACEA started in 1999 through the Fort Lewis College Environmental Center as a means of directly communicating with the Fort Lewis College President concerning issues of sustainability on campus.

PACEA is loose knit in its organizational structure. There are currently no by-laws and no set term limits. PACEA meets at least twice a semester, with more meetings (& committees) on an as needed basis. PACEA uses the Fort Lewis College Environmental Policy 5-19 as its guiding document.

Brad Bartel (Fort Lewis College President)
Marcus Renner (Environmental Center Coordinator) - Chair
Steve Schwartz (Business & Finance)
Mark Gutt (Architect, Physical Plant Representative)
Nancy Andrews (Community Representative)
Virginia Castro (City of Durango Councilwoman, Community Representative)
Michelle Reott (Earthly Ideas LLC, Community Representative)
Dean Mullen (Campus Ecology President, Student Representative)
Brad Clark (Faculty Representative)
Tino Sonora (Faculty Representative)
Tina Evans (Faculty Representative)
Don May (Faculty Representative)
Student Representative
ASFLC Representative

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Public Art Advisory Committee

Charge: Make recommendations to the President and Cabinet regarding campus art installation

Steve Schwarz, Chair
Dawn Mulhern

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Tuition Appeals Committee

Description of Activities: The Committee meets as needed to hear student appeals of tuition classification.

Wayne Hermes - Chair
Rena Cole
Tim Farrell
Barbara Martin
Amelia Yeager

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