Campus map

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The Fort Lewis College campus consists of low-lying comfortably spread out buildings that create a physical environment which takes advantage of its surrounding vistas. Persons can walk from one end to another in a 5-10 minute period, making it potentially very pedestrian friendly.

Over the years, the campus has grown from the southwest to the northeast, in a sweeping fashion. This pattern was driven primarily by previous Master Planning efforts, by utility infrastructure availability, and by road access from 8th Avenue and Fort Lewis Drive.

Access to the campus is available at both the south and northeasterly edges. Campus entries are connected via Rim Drive and 8th Avenue and one can drive through the campus along 8th Avenue, if so desired. Rim Drive follows along the southern and western edge of the natural plateau encircling the Academic Zone. This provides for a safe pedestrian environment throughout campus once one moves away from 8th Avenue.

Student residences are concentrated in two areas: adjacent to the academic core on the west side of campus and also to the east of 8th Avenue. Because 8th Avenue bisects the residential and academic zones, there are safety concerns associated with students needing to cross the road.

The majority of parking on campus is located along 8th Avenue between the residential and academic zones. Parking feeds the two zones well, but it is a predominant feature one notices upon entering the campus.

The campus physical focal point is the Rea Memorial Clock Tower. This is located within the Academic Core’s open space. It provides a strong identifying element and is used extensively as part of the Fort Lewis image.

The campus Library and College Union are centrally located within the academic core. This provides good access for both students and faculty.