Building Condition Map

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Building Conditions

Fort Lewis College orchestrates an ongoing facilities audit to determine the conditions of its buildings and to assure maintenance and repair budgets are used in priority areas. The audit is performed on three year cycles. The evaluation system determines a Facilities Condition Index (FCI) used in planning improvements. The FCI provides a tool to see how deficient a building is and how this compares to other facilities on campus.

  • Demolition/Renovation
    Buildings require major replacement, alteration, or upgrading of building systems or components. Without improvements, the facility will become inoperable in the near future.
  • Renovation/Remodel
    Major reworking of the building is needed. Multiple systems are in need of repair.
  • Improvements Needed
    These facilities are in need of recurring maintenance to keep in good repair. Building systems or components have known, identified maintenance concerns.
  • Good Condition
    Very Little deficiencies exist. Routine or minor maintenance needed.

Most academic facilities are in relatively good shape.  The campus has placed a priority on the quality of academic facilities over the past two decades. Because of this, residential and other auxiliary facilities are in need of repair, and in some cases, replacement.

Two priorities for renovation include the Library and College Union Building.  Both are in need of extensive repair and are becoming functionally obsolete.

Refer to the Reference Information, “Facilities Audit” for detailed data and information regarding the conditions of each building.