Existing Building Condition Map

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Academic Buildings are primarily located along the pedestrian spine, beginning at Berndt Hall to the south and ending at the Center of Southwest Studies to the north.  The Business and Science programs anchor the academic buildings on the south, while the Cultural and Performing Arts anchor the northern academic buildings.  Central buildings include general academic programs, along with the Career Services, the Library, and College Union.  With the exception of the Theater, the relationships of programs and buildings are quite successful.

Residential facilities are split between two locations. Approximately one-third of the on-campus student housing sits within the academic core directly adjacent to the Theater Building and the Sciences. The higher percentage of housing is on the east side of campus, within its own neighborhood.

Athletic and recreational facilities are located adjacent to outdoor fields on the western most side of campus. This maintains the open vistas to westerly mountain ranges and preserves the natural edge of campus as seen from the community and downtown Durango.

Support facilities such as the Physical Plant, Child Development Center, and Student Services are located outside the academic core to both the north and the south. These buildings require more frequent access by vehicles than most academic facilities.

Most buildings house specific programs supplemented by generally assigned classrooms. Departmental offices and laboratories are located according to particular building uses.

Refer to the Reference Information for further detail regarding building space use and efficiencies.