Vehicular Circulation map

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There are two vehicular entries to campus. Historically, the 8th Avenue entry has been the main entry to campus, however, this is no longer the case. With the help of the City of Durango, improvements are in progress on College Drive and the entry at Fort Lewis Drive. This work should more evenly distribute vehicle access between the two entries.

Rim Drive connects 8th Avenue with Fort Lewis Drive to complete a ring road around the campus. This provides access to most facilities while supporting a pedestrian orientated campus core.

Emergency vehicle access is achieved through the use of campus roads and multi-purpose sidewalks. Various walks have been designed to support the use by emergency vehicles and service vehicles when necessary.

8th Avenue climbs 250’ in less than one-half mile. Switchbacks are required to reach the elevations in such a short distance. As it enters campus, 8th Avenue intersects with Rim Drive and the major pedestrian crossing for the east housing facilities. This intersection has been signaled for safety and control purposes.

College Drive climbs the east side of the bluff through a valley between Raider Ridge and campus. This drives uses approximately one mile to gain the 150’ of grade change.

The main transit drop off is located at the main pedestrian walk into the academic core. This is adjacent to the 8th Avenue entry and the College Union Building.