Future Parking Map

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The Proposed Parking Plan includes additional parking to support a campus of approximately 5000 full time equivalent students.

The distribution of parking will be improved with the renovation of the Berndt Hall parking lot, the western parking lots along Rim Drive, and the parking areas adjacent to the football field. The introduction of the campus’ first parking structure adjacent to Education Business Hall will have significant positive impacts because the demand on the south end of campus is highest compared to availability.

The College should consider alternative approaches to the management of parking on campus. Lots and spaces could be designated depending upon location and type of use.

About 75% of the those using parking are day users who do not live on campus. Because of this, residential parking should generally be located at the perimeter of campus near residential areas. This would allow the use of interior parking spaces for day users with more turn over of parking places. Additional strategically located visitor parking would also help to improve the connection with the community.

By exploring different opportunities and approaches to parking management, the College could enhance revenues and improve parking distribution while providing safe and secure parking throughout the campus.

Type of Permit % of parking
required for
or Space
of Spaces
Faculty 75% 237.80 178
Staff 95% 260.40 342
Students 40% 3,350 1,340
Housing 75% 1,650 1,238
Visitors 100% 100 100
Handicap (open) 3% 3,948 118
Service (sq. ft) 40,000 1,419,479 35
Motorcycle 3% 3,948 118
Reserved 5% 238 12
    TOTAL 3,481