Illustrative plan map

Larger PDF file of map

The Illustrative Plan is a graphical depiction of the comprehensive plan for the physical environment. It supports the programmatic needs of the campus in a physical setting. It is the accumulation of all the various physical aspects of the campus, including but not limited to circulation, open space, buildings, etc. The illustrative plan is the comprehensive look at all the components in a total environment.

The driving force behind the plan is the Campus Framework. The framework is the foundation that supports all components resulting in the Illustrative plan.

Original inhabitants to area were the Ancestral Pueblo cultures dating back to 8th century. Urban design concepts from these early inhabitants are incorporated into the campus master plan. Buildings are oriented inward, focusing on relationships between buildings and programs, in lieu of outward or external references.

The campus alignment is meant to support a natural solar path. The sensitivity to natural light patterns govern the pedestrian spine, building locations, and open spaces.