Proposed Building use map

Larger PDF file of map

Building architecture should reflective the use of the building and be indicative of programs within, while integrating with campus context and architectural design guidelines.

The campus will continue to improve the relationship and hierarchy of building entries and the site, whenever possible.

The master plan framework sets a proposed building use necessary to compliment the land use plan. The result is to locate programs accordingly. Buildings/programs central to the academic spine will be those that support the entire campus. The north end of the spine will include arts type programs and the south end of the spine, science and business programs. The further from the center of the spine, the more specific the program.

Residential facilities and playing/recreation fields are best located at the campus perimeters and campus edges. This helps improve the adjacencies of land and building use with the community.

Student and administrative support services will relocate when possible to the perimeter of campus to provide appropriate access, while not interfering with academic pedestrian zones. This is also the best use of real estate values.

The Building Use Plan improves the presence of the student services and residential life, by integrating auxiliary facilities with academic facilities. One does not take precedence or priority over another.

Residential facilities will be consolidated to the east of 8th Avenue improving the neighborhood concept for residence life and allowing space for academic growth beyond 5000 FTE.