Fort Lewis College buildings collectively provide the necessary space to meet the program needs, and ultimately the mission, of the College. The success of any college or university relies as heavily on its facilities as its programs.

The building inventory summarizes pertinent information for stated owned facilities. Each building plays an important role in the College's ability to meet its mission and provide a high quality education to its students. The campus is continually looking for ways to increase the utilization of each facility. As we do this early operational costs will be saved but repair and replacement costs will rise. This must be considered when owning and operating new facilities as well as existing ones. This is why life cycle costs of our facilities must be considered at all times. It may cost twice tomorrow what we save half of today.

These buildings are state facilities while others are considered auxiliary facilities. Auxiliaries are "self supporting" and are maintained and operated with student fees and/or cash funds.

The link below is a summary that indicates the buildings size, utilization and condition.

Building Inventory Summary