The largest components of the site requiring dedicated areas are athletic/recreational playing fields and parking. The existing and proposed areas for these land uses are indicated under the respective web pages for Existing Land Use, Proposed Land Use, Existing Parking and Future Parking.

Although these are “outside” entities, each is considered a space need required to operate programs on the campus. Parking is driven by student enrollments and faculty and staff projections while athletic fields are driven by programmatic needs. Total student enrollments determine projections for recreational space, in and above the athletic fields, since they are shared use.

Athletic facilities do not have a direct correlation with the quantity of students on a campus. The amount of space, type of facilities, and number of fields are all dependent on the number and type of sports programs supported by the College. These needs are usually above and beyond those for recreation, physical education, and intramural activities.

Facility needs for Fort Lewis College are planned in accordance to peer institutions and the College's ability to provide adequate facilities to compete in the National Collegiate Athletic Association sports program. Student athletes, coaches, and their programs are extremely facility dependent. Inadequate facilities become unsafe, and/or cannot support successful programs. Since students prefer to attend schools with the best facilities, the college continually evaluates its standing amongst its peer institutions.

In 2001, Fort Lewis engaged EDAW, Inc. to evaluate our existing outdoor facilities and to develop a Sports Field Master Plan. The recommendations of that planning effort were integrated into the overall Facilities Master Plan Update.

The existing sports fields inventory and a listing of proposed facilities to be added are included with the link below.

Sports Field Summary