In 2017 Fort Lewis College received its second ever NAGPRA Consultation and Documentation grant P17AP00302 (the first was awarded in 1995) in the amount of $89,878 in order to conduct documentation and consultation activities to bring the College into better compliance with the law. The writers and co-directors of the grant are Dr. Kathy Fine-Dare and Dr. Shelby Tisdale (Director, Center of Southwest Studies). Dr. Tisdale serves as Principal Investigator for the grant. The grant, which was originally ended to close in August of 2019, has been extended through August 2020.

Four important goals of the grant are to:

  1. Hire a NAGPRA collections specialist with archaeological expertise to conduct documentation research and data collection on the Center of Southwest Studies’ McLain and Root collections. (FLC anthropology graduate Blythe Morrison, was hired into this position. Blythe received her M.A. in anthropology from Northern Arizona University in 2018);
  2. Conduct on-site consultation with potentially culturally affiliated Native American Tribal nations regarding culturally unaffiliated/unidentified human remains and associated funerary objects, unassociated funerary objects, sacred objects, and objects of cultural patrimony (consultations were carried out on August 30, September 13, and October 4, 2018; and on May 14 and August 14, 2019);
  3. In consultation with Tribal representatives, develop a Sensitive Collections Policy regarding the proper treatment, care, and handling of human remains and culturally sensitive items.
  4. Conduct a careful faunal collections search to ascertain the presence or not of human osteological remains.