National NAGPRA Program - This site includes information on laws and regulations, grants, training, databases, and special topics.

National NAGPRA Program YouTube - The National NAGPRA Program’s YouTube channel features over 150 videos, including training webinars, and other instructional programs.

Colorado Commission of Indian Affairs - This organization helps guide Colorado institutions as they follow federal, state, and local laws regarding consultation, repatriation, and reburial.

Learning NAGPRA Project - Fort Lewis College has been a participant in this National Science Foundation-funded project based at Indiana University; we continue to stay in touch with project personnel and participate in Learning NAGPRA related educational events and conference activities.

Local Tribal Nation NAGPRA Contacts

Southern Ute Indian Tribe NAGPRA Office (970-563-2989)
-- Cassandra Atencio (NAGPRA Coordinator) Email Cassandra here
-- Garrett Briggs (NAGPRA Apprentice) Email Garrett here
Ute Mountain Ute Tribe Tribal Historic Preservation Office (970-564-5727)
-- Terry Knight, Sr. (NAGPRA Representative, THPO) Email Terry here
-- Nikki Shurack (Tribal Archaeologist) Email Nikki here