Welcome to the Curriculum Committee

Charge: The Curriculum Committee assists and supports the faculty in development and oversight of the curriculum at Fort Lewis College. It initiates, receives, reviews and recommends actions on proposed curricula and curricular changes including the creation, elimination or alteration of programs and specific courses. The Committee proactively communicates to the faculty and the College Administration regarding its policies, procedures and deadlines. It facilitates fair and transparent curriculum processes and practices that embody the faculty’s roles and responsibilities for developing and overseeing College curricula in service to the College mission.

Report: The committee will submit a one-page electronic report by March 31 summarizing accomplishments, major issues discussed, brief evaluations of members, and recommendations, if any, for alterations to the charge.

Membership: The committee will have eight faculty members appointed by SEC: one from the LAC Council, one from the sciences, one from the social sciences, one from arts & humanities, one from teacher education, one from the library, one from the school of business administration, one from an interdisciplinary program, and ex officio members from relevant administrative offices as needed.  Chair is elected by the committee members.

Current Members:

  • Kay Phelps - Teacher Ed (20)
  • Ellen Paul - Liberal Arts Core (20)
  • Don May - Sciences (20) - Convener
  • Maggie Shields – Health Sci (21)
  • Scott White - Interdisciplinary (20)
  • Billy Nollet - At Large (20)
  • Shawn Fullmer - English (20)
  • Ivan Guardiola - SOBA (20)
  • Rosalinda Linares - ex officio