The following is the approval process used by the Curriculum Committee for new courses. For information about courses that do not require a proposal, reinstating courses, and other issues handled by the committee please download the General Information for Curriculum Changes document.  


Chairs, please inform your department members of these deadlines and please track your
proposals using the curriculum database system (log on through secure CAS screen). Please consider that proposal submittal, review and approval is a 10 step process requiring approval from six different entities; submit early.
**If you have questions, please contact the Curriculum Committee Chair**

April 1 – December 31

Course proposals submitted will be reviewed for inclusion in the next catalog. Exceptions include years where there are major, systemic curriculum changes that result in an extraordinarily high volume of proposals.

January 1 – March 31

Catalog production. Course proposals submitted during this period will be processed and included in the next catalog as time permits dependent on the number of courses submitted during the catalog year, registrar’s workload and staffing.