Covid 19 and Safe Events on FLC Campus 

We will have updates as the college, state and local governments provide ongoing information. Please take any questions or concerns to the professional staff helping you schedule your event. We appreciate you being flexible, nimble and continuing to think outside of the box while keeping yourself and your cohorts safe! 

FLC Safe Events Checklist: 

Download this checklist as a PDF

  • Make the attendees are aware of the Health Checklist prior to the event date. Encourage attendees to stay home if sick or exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Continually assess, based on most recent conditions and guidelines, the suitableness for hosting the event.  
  • Provide for contact tracing through the tracking of all participants, including name and phone number and/or email. Do not share a sign in sheet or pens to track attendance. Campus community can scan in with QR code, off campus community attendance can be recorded by organizer.   
  • Limit group size, count. Provide signage when helpful.
  • Make safety announcements at the beginning of the event.
  • Encourage frequent handwashing. Sanitizer if available.   
  • Attendees should refrain from mixing and mingling with others not in their household during events as much as  possible.  
  • Attendees should maintain at least 6 feet of physical distancing from others as much as possible.  
  • Face coverings are required to be worn campus wide unless it would inhibit the individual’s health, while they are eating or drinking, or if it is not age-appropriate.  
  • Populations at higher risk for severe COVID-19 should consider additional protections or staying home during this time per CDPHE guidance.  
  • Be prepared to announce cancellation and/or postponement.  
  • Be prepared to modify location and/or hours of activity.  
  • Stagger entry and exit whenever location permits.  

FLC Safe Events Committee

  • Megan Maurillo-Chair (Event Services)
  • Mark Mastalski (Leadership Center)
  • Amber Grenhart (Student Union)
  • Dea Autrey (Testing center / Disability Services)
  • Greg Weiss (Conference Services)
  • Julie Tapley Booth (CSWS)
  • KassC Carrasco (Diversity Collaborative)
  • Cheryl Betka (Academic Affairs)
  • Andrew Fletcher (Athletics)

Mission of the committee: to establish a clear and concise guideline for campus including students, staff, faculty and off campus groups when planning programming.

Goals of the committee:

  • To develop guidelines for in person gatherings on FLC campus (on campus and community groups).
  • To vet any requests that need further examination before approval.
  • Keeping up to date with changing state guidelines for higher education and public event gatherings.
  • Creating language for the website and to disseminate throughout the campus community.