Learn to mitigate COVID-19 risks at your events

Our COVID-19 Mitigation Matrix and Host Event Worksheet are guides for event organizers that show how to mitigate risk when gathering in person. Think about what basic, simple activities at your event could cause the spread of the virus. Things such as:

  • Having an indoor event with people closer to each other for more than 15 minutes at a time.
  • Eating Food
  • Talking loudly, singing, laughing.
  • Sharing resources

Use the COVID-19 Mitigation Matrix and Host Event Worksheet to help you consider what we are recommending for safety. Fill out the matrix with the risk, and how you will mitigate it to be lower of a risk. You will also see below an incomplete sample risk matrix to help you as a reference.

For Hosts/Organizers of Gatherings/Events

  • Ensure attendees are aware of the Health Checklist prior to the event date. Encourage attendees to stay home if sick or exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms. Send Visitor Policy checklist to off campus community members when possible
  • Continually assess, based on most recent conditions and guidelines, the suitableness for hosting the event   
  • Provide for contact tracing through the tracking of all participants, including name and phone number and/or email. Do not share a sign-in sheet or pens to track attendance. Campus community can scan in with QR code, off campus community attendance can be recorded by organizer
  • Limit group size, count attendees. Provide signage when helpful
  • Make safety announcements at the beginning of the event
  • Encourage frequent handwashing. Sanitizer if available
  • Attendees should refrain from mixing and mingling with others not in their household during events as much as possible 
  • Attendees should maintain at least 6 feet of physical distancing from others as much as possible