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Updated 2/25/2020

AIS Projects in Progress

Visit the AIS Projects in Progress page for detailed status updates.

Enrollment Management - Admission CRM (Slate) Implementation

Supporting the implementation of Slate for Admissions. 

Advancement - Advancement CRM (Raiser's Edge and Financial Edge) Implementation

Supporting the implementation of the new CRM for Advancement

Enrollment Management - Math/Comp Placement Automation

AIS is working on completing automated Freshman placement to assist the Registrar's Office with this manual process.

Information Technology - Banner 9 Forms Transformation

This is the first phase of the Banner 9 upgrade project and entails upgrading all Banner Administrative forms to Banner 9. 

Information Technology - Oracle Database Upgrades

Upgrading the College's Oracle Databases to 18c

Information Technology - CollegeSource Upgrade

Upgrading CollegeSource to 4.5.3

Enrollment Management - SECTION Implementation

Classroom scheduling tool 

Information Technology - FormFusion Elimination

Eliminating the use of FormFusion in the environment due to increased maintenance costs

Information Technology - Banner 9 Self-Service Implementations (various modules)

Working to install all available Banner 9 Self-Service modules in Development

Information Technology - TouchNet Point to Point Encryption (P2PE) Implementation

P2PE on Fort Lewis College Point-of-Sale devices.

AIS Projects on Deck

Financial Aid - Banner/uAchieve Planned Course of Study

Enrollment Management - Automate Test Score Loads

AIS Projects Completed

Financial Aid - Tuition Promise Scholarship 

Implementing algorithmic packaging within Banner to support this effort.

Student Services - Handshake Implementation

Career Services system to present job information to current and former students. 

Information Technology - Argos/Form Fusion Upgrade

Upgrading the College's Argos/FormFusion products

Enrollment Management - Skyhawk Station Preparations

Configuring TouchNet Cashiering Stations; Building New Parking Permit Package

Enrollment Management - Skyhawk Emergency Persistence Grant

Developing and publishing the new Skyhawk Emergency Persistence Grant application for students in need.

Information Technology - Pyramid 2018 Implementation

Configure and migrate to the new version of Pyramid for the Data Warehouse

Enrollment Management - Admission Auto Decision / Initial Incomplete Letter Automation

Implementing Auto Decision rules for admission and automating the sending of the initial Incomplete letters.

Information Technology - Perceptive Content Upgrades

Multiple upgrades to the Perceptive Content system required to finalize the Banner 9 Admin Forms Transformation project.

Enrollment Management/Information Technology - TrueCost Calculator Replacement Discovery

Decision made to continue using RNL.

Information Technology - Data Warehouse Application Server Rebuild

Migrating the Pyramid web servers, both production and development, to a new windows server and new OS.

Enrollment Management - Admissions CRM RFP Review

Reviewing responses to the Admissions CRM RFP and providing feedback/input.

Advancement - Advancement CRM RFP Review

Reviewing responses to the Advancement CRM RFP and providing feedback/input.

HR - PERA Reporting Requirement Changes 

Add and/or update PERA reporting based on the provided requirement changes

Enrollment Management - Transferology Data File Build

Data file build for Transferology, the new plug-in for u.achieve/ the Alt-PIN modification and Bulk Registration Release to match/improve business processes.

Enrollment Management - Admission Letter Rework

Updates to Admission letters

Enrollment Management - Admissions Application Build

Design, develop, and release an in-house Admissions Application for FLC to replace existing applications (both purchased and Banner baseline).

Enrollment Management - Ruffalo Noel Levitz Application Cultivator and Demand Builder

RNL Applicant Cultivator delivers the most advanced way to nurture and develop your applicant pool by aligning your applicant strategy with your enrollment goals and targeting students who are most likely to apply and enroll.

RNL Demand Builder combines our student search expertise and multichannel enrollment marketing strategies with award-winning creative and industry-leading research and consulting to identify and engage students most likely to respond to unique offerings

Institutional Research - NSC Extension for BlackBoard Student

Pulling college enrollment and degree data from NSC into our FLC data warehouse for ease of reporting and gaining information.

Academic  Affairs - Graduate Application Overhaul for MAE - Culturally & Linguistically Diverse 

Rewrite the existing Application for Admission into Graduate Programs, as well as all letters, to be more scalable.

Academic Affairs - Graduation Survey Pop-Up in WebOPUS

Provide a notification pop-up in WebOPUS that a Graduation Survey is available to students about to graduate from FLC.

Enrollment Management - Admissions RNL Search Campaign Data Gathering

Provide RNL with specific data queried and merged from multiple FLC data sources (Banner & Hobsons).

Enrollment Management - FERPA Consent in WebOPUS

Display FERPA consents in WebOPUS

Enrollment Management - Financial Aid Merit Scholarship Updates

Develop numerous changes to the automated Merit Scholarship process for Financial Aid.

Enrollment Management - Perceptive Content PDT Replacement

Rewriting/replacing the Perceptive Content "out-of-the-box" PDT functionality to support multiple attendance periods on transfer work.

Finance - Imputed Income Updates

Developing numerous updates for the Imputed Income process.

Institutional Research - iBNSA 4.1.3 Upgrade

Student module upgrade required for the NSC Extension project

Information Technology - BlackBoard Door Access Automation for Music

Finalize automation cleanup for the music department's door access process.

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