Banner 9 Self Service Upgrade Timeline

Banner 9 Self Service Timeline


Image of Banner 9 Application

Ellucian Banner is the College’s centralized academic and administrative records system. Administrative Banner, commonly referenced as Banner, is an interface used by campus business departments to access the Banner data. WebOPUS is a Banner self-service application that is commonly used by individuals to access data that pertains specifically to their own records.

Ellucian, the provider of the Banner software, has announced its plan to end support for Banner 8 on December 31, 2018. Once this happens, Ellucian will no longer release regulatory updates, security fixes, or enhancements. Additionally, support we can receive from Ellucian for issues that cannot be solved by the AIS team will be very limited.

The Administrative Forms of Banner 8 have been transformed to Banner 9 Pages! While some are finishing up in testing, the majority have already been moved to production. We are very close to being able to turn off Banner 8 Admin.  

10/24/2019 Project Status


Shut Down Banner 8: 

Nov 30, 2019*

*Administrative Forms Only

Department/Users Task List

  • Time in Banner 8 is limited - make sure everyone in your office is using Banner 9!

Banner 9 Self Service in Development:

 May 17, 2019

*Banner 9 Self Service in Production:

 Feb 1, 2020

Admin Pages in Production Since:

 JULY 11, 2018*

*Administrative Forms Only


Functionality, same forms and form names, field options, and field order.


Visual enhancements, some keyboard shortcuts, new features in pages and portlets, additional system error and warning notifications, improved application navigator, mobile-friendly responsive design, and multiple record views.