How to activate your Fort Lewis College Network Account.

  1. Using your web browser, navigate to "theFort" at   “theFort” is your portal to access campus services, such as Office365, WebOPUS, Canvas and more. 
  2. Click on the “Account Management” tile under the “Featured” section as shown in the picture below:


3. You should now see the “Account Management Menu” with options to “Activate your account”, “Change Password”, “Reset Password”, and “Forgot My Username”.


4. Select “Activate your Account” and enter the requested information.  Make sure to use your FLC ID number, do not enter your SSN.  If you don’t know your FLC ID number, you can contact the Help Desk.



5. The next screen will ask you to select a security question to be used in case you forget your password.


6. This next screen will ask you to create a password.  Visit for tips on creating a strong password.

7.  Success!   The last screen will display some of your information as a confirmation.