Hello Faculty,

There has been a lot of work done over the Summer to get ready for this Fall. In May, and June items were ordered to test and demo in search of solutions. Then equipment was ordered with installations starting in late-July. Over 50 classrooms and instructional spaces now have web cameras and microphones installed, making the room Zoom capable. IT will be updating this webpage (URL) through the next few months to reflect the status of the Classroom Zoom Project. Save the URL or search ‘Zoom Project’ on the Fort to track the status of your classroom. We will also try to post issues that arise with rooms, that will take a couple of days to fix.

**Update 10/6** Combining voice amplification and Zoom audio into 1 Microphone or Mic input. This is a big goal for us and we are exploring different solutions.

If you have questions about the use of this new technology, Teaching and Learning Services is training Faculty liaisons in many departments to help answer your questions. The Help Desk has not had a chance to get training on these rooms and is short staffed. Connecting with your peers will be a large component of adapting to this Semester.

Below is the status report from IT as of 10/6:

Green = Install Completed
Yellow = Waiting on Equipment
Orange = In Progress
Red = Difficult Install Last Priority


Rooms with the AVer Soundbar:
The soundbar is nice all-in-one device with a remote control for operation.

Art 164 Mac Lab - Soundbar
Berndt Hall 234 - Soundbar
Berndt Hall 235 - Soundbar
Berndt Hall 440 - Soundbar
Berndt Hall 460 - Soundbar
Berndt Hall 570 - Soundbar
Chemistry Hall 20 - Soundbar
Center of SW Studies 212 -  Soundbar
EBH 10 (new large capacity classroom) - Soundbar
EBH 30 - Soundbar
EBH 56 - Soundbar
EBH 60 - Soundbar
EBH 64 - Soundbar
EBH 65 - Soundbar
EBH 207 - Soundbar
EBH 210 - Soundbar
Jones Hall 109 – Windows Lab SoundBar
Jones Hall 140 - Soundbar
Jones Hall 144- Soundbar
Jones Hall 146 - Soundbar
Jones Hall 154 - Soundbar
Jones Hall 156 - Soundbar
Jones Hall 160 - Soundbar
Jones Hall 163 – Mac Lab SoundBar
Jones Hall 203 - Soundbar
Jones Hall 253 - Soundbar
Reed 2E – Windows Lab Soundbar
Skyhawk Station 118 – Soundbar


Rooms with the AVer Tracking Camera: 
**Update 10/6**  The permanent Microphones will now ship 11/9. We hope to start deploying them shortly after they arrive.

These cameras are in rooms with the Nomad podiums and will eventually have a button on the touch control panel, but there will be a remote control.

Berndt Hall 610
Center of SW Studies 230 -TR530
EBH 108 -TR530
EBH 110 -TR530
EBH 118 -TR530
EBH 34 -TR530
EBH 55 - TR530
EBH 61 - TR530
Noble Hall 115 -TR530
Noble Hall 125 -TR530
Noble Hall 130 - TR530
Noble Hall 135 - TR530
Noble Hall 140 -TR530
Noble Hall 160 - TR530
Sitter 711 - TR530
Sitter 750 - TR530
Sitter 771 - TR530
Sitter 2771 -TR530
Sitter 3770 - TR530
Sitter 3790 - TR530


These rooms have enhanced technology in addition to the AVer Tracking Camera for exploring HyFlex teaching.

CSWS 220 - TR530 – Completed
NH 110 - TR530 – Completed. New cable installed to stabilize video camera connection.


These rooms are planned to receive a tracking camera but the room presents a wiring or mounting challenge. These rooms will be supplied with a webcam on a tripod for Zoom capability. As our work on the classrooms continues into the Semester, these rooms will be updated. 

Animas Hall 6101 - TR530
Berndt Hall 400 - TR530
Chemistry Hall 130 - TR530
Lyceum (Center of SW Studies 120) - TR530
Jones Hall 205 - TR530
Sitter 710 – TR530
Sitter 750 - TR530
Sitter 790 - TR530
Sitter 791 - TR530
Sitter 3771 - TR530


These rooms have a HD webcam tripod with no current plans to upgrade.

Art 128
Art 170
Berndt Hall B410
Chemistry Hall 17
CSWS 211
EBH 219
Noble 120
Sitter 770
Skyhawk Hall 140
SUN 130 (Media Center)
Theatre 104