How to adhere to the licensing program

Choose a vendor from the approved list; the vendor will know how to follow the process.

If your preferred vendor is not on the list, they can become approved for a fee. Request that the vendor contact Elizabeth Gould at CLC at or 770-799-3246.

Additional guidelines

  • Names, logos, marks should not be altered. No new names, logos, marks may be developed.
  • Names, logos, marks should have the proper trademark symbol.
  • Names, logos marks should not be used in association with entities outside of FLC without prior authorization.
  • FLC students, faculty, staff may not use FLC names, logos, marks which imply that FLC supports or endorses a movement, candidate, activity or program not officially sponsored by the college.
  • Use of the seal is by permission only.
  • FLC names, logos, marks may not be used with other trademarked or registered marks without permission from the owners of all marks.
  • Any trademark or registered mark use deemed unsuitable or in poor taste will not be allowed.
  • Fort Lewis College reserves the right to deny delivery or confiscate unauthorized product based on the guidelines outlined on this website.
  • Use of marks on official FLC websites is permitted as long as they are used correctly.

FLC Trademark Licensing Policy