A collection of used surplus items that include office furniture and equipment is maintained for campus use. These items are stored in the Physical Plant Service Building located at the north end of campus across from the golf course.  

Think of the Campus Surplus as your recycling center.  When departments are done with items, they move them to Surplus and are available to other departments on campus—FREE—(moving not included).  If your department is in need of items, please check out the FLC Surplus area prior to buying new things—it can help your bottom budget line! 

Fort Lewis College Faculty & Staff Accessgarage sale drawing

Daily Access is given to Fort Lewis College faculty and staff by appointment during business hours. To schedule an appointment please contact either -

Ian Grammatica at 970-247-7546 or grammatica_i@fortlewis.edu

Weekly Public Surplus Sale

Items that have not been claimed by FLC Departments or have served their useful life for the campus are sold to the public. On Thursdays from 9 AM to NOON the warehouse is open to the general public to purchase these items.. For more information please contact either -
Ian Grammatica at 970-247-7546 or grammatica_i@fortlewis.edu