Create excellent online courses

Faculty Training & Compensation

According to Higher Learning Commission’s Guidelines for the Evaluation of Distance Education, “Faculty responsible for delivering the online learning curricula and evaluating the students’ success in achieving the online learning goals are appropriately qualified and effectively supported.” In 2018, FLC launched its training course for faculty teaching in online and hybrid courses. The training course, Designing for Impact in Distance Education, is a 15-week course that prepares instructors with the necessary skills to successfully develop and deliver online learning. It runs every fall and spring semester, as well as during the summer based on participation. Faculty are eligible to receive a stipend for development of a new online course upon successful completion of the requirements outlined in the policy and the Online Course Development Agreement.

Approved & Developed Online Courses

Visit the Registrar’s Office Website for the most current list of approved distance education courses at FLC.

Overview and History of Distance Education

The mission of Teaching and Learning Services is to support instructors and program directors in enhancing meaningful and engaging student learning opportunities. One important role in providing this support is through distance learning and online course and program development.

Fort Lewis College approved its first online course in 2014 and has continued to expand online course offerings since that time. Currently, online courses in the catalog exist within a variety of departments. Online courses are part of an overall institutional goal to provide options and scheduling flexibility for students in order to graduate in four years and to engage with regional educators in hybrid and online program for graduate studies. Offering distance education courses during summer sessions has increased the number of students who can enroll at Fort Lewis College while working or living away from campus. Currently, FLC is waiting HLC review and approval to offer multiple fully online programs across campus, the first being the Ski Operations Certificate and a Master’s in Education.

Distance Education Policy & Process

Teaching and Learning Services, with approval of Faculty Senate, created the Distance Education Policy & Process in 2018. The policy includes definitions of both hybrid and online instructional types, the role of Teaching and Learning Services, and requirements and expectations for distance education faculty and courses, including the qualifications, course development process, quality review, course ownership, and faculty compensation.

Quality Matters Course Evaluation

Teaching and Learning Services, in collaboration with course designers, evaluate online and hybrid courses using the Quality Matters rubric. Fort Lewis College is a member of Quality Matters.