Workday FAQs

Will I need to maintain a separate password for Workday? Where will I login?

No, your network username and password will be the same for your Workday portal. Workday will be accessed through

How will security and privacy be managed in Workday?

Workday information is secure and private within their cloud. Access to specific data is based upon assigned security groups for every user in Workday. For example, HR can look up an employee’s basic profile, and can easily bounce to other relevant data like their manager and department, insurance benefits enrolled, salary, job description, etc. The web of hyperlinks accessibility depends upon the user’s assigned security group. A manager will have access to some personal information of an employee they supervise, but will not be able to drill into an employee from another department. Budgets will also remain viewable only by those with granted access in the relevant department.

Will there be training offered for basic navigation and campus-wide process changes?

YES! How-To PDF Job Aids and videos will be available on the Training section on this website for the processes that have changed dramatically with Workday.

Training links will also appear as a Help Text in most of the commonly used Actions when you pull them up in Workday for quick reference.

Can employees update their personal information in Workday?

Yes, employees can view and update their personal information in Workday at any time, including preferred name, phone numbers, address, emergency contacts, and bank account information. You can get to your personal information from your Workday Dashboard.

What if I can’t find a page or action in Workday?

Workday has a robust built-in search function to find whatever you need. You can search by phrase, department, exact matches of names or contact information, and more!

Do managers still have to fill out an EAS form for new hires?

No! All onboarding information will be streamlined in Workday.

Can I assign tasks to my staff, or obtain a signature for a form within Workday?

Yes! Workday uses the Business Process as a workflow when you need to conduct an Action, like a task or approval process. 

How will I know when I have actions assigned to me in Workday?

Workday functionality includes a personal inbox where notifications are received, located on your Dashboard. Workday will notify users through an email that they have a pending task to complete in Workday. Users will need to log into Workday to complete tasks.

How are student workers and their supervisors impacted by Workday?

Students who submit hourly time and request time off will access Workday. Managers of students will approve students’ time and leave as established by Fort Lewis College policies. Students can view their personal information in Workday, including their paystub, from their Dashboard.

What will benefit enrollment and benefit management look like in Workday?

Enrollment periods will remain the same and open enrollment this fall will continue in our current system. Benefit open enrollment this year will still be conducted in November 2022 through our current provider. Beginning 2023 employees will be able to view their benefits through Workday and see their entire compensation and benefits package. Once the system is fully configured, employees will be able to select and manage their benefits in Workday. See the training videos and job aids on Benefits for more information.

Where will I go to submit a timesheet or leave report? Will I still be using WebOpus?

Time tracking will move from WebOpus to Workday for Staff, Faculty and Student workers. You can get to all pay information from your Workday Dashboard. WebOpus will be completely replaced once Workday is live. WebOpus will still be used on the academic side for students.

All non-exempt and exempt employees can view their available time balances and log their time off in Workday. Managers can deny or approve employee requests for time off in Workday and will have a full calendar view of their team’s planned time away from the office.

Do I still send in a Footprints ticket when I need help?

Yes,,, and will still be your primary go-to for sending in your technical, accounting, and purchasing questions and issues.