Friday, November 18, 2022

Budget Office

The Budget Office is thrilled to be a part of the implementation with Workday. It is a very exciting time for all of us, and it'll be great to have a one-stop shop of budget processes all in Workday!

Just to introduce a few changes, here is what you can expect:

  • Starting in the new calendar year, you'll start using Workday, but Finance in WebOpus and Banner will still be accessible for all previous activity.
  • All budget activity and reporting that currently takes place using Banner and WebOpus Finance will all be done in Workday!
  • All budget changes (Budget Amendments in Workday speak) will be done in Workday! No more paper forms!
  • The college’s chart of ledger accounts has been audited and will be more streamlined.
  • Terminology will be changing from Banner to Workday. What is currently an ORG (organization) in Banner will be a defined as “Worktags” such as:
    • Cost Centers (currently 121)
    • Programs (currently 1200)
    • Projects (only for Planning, Design and Construction in Physical Plant)
    • Grants (mostly for the Office of Sponsored Research)
    • Gifts (mostly for Financial Aid)
    • In addition, there will be “Worktags” called spend categories and revenue categories that will help detail the actual activity departments make (like more detailed ledger accounts)
    • Fear not! There will be a comprehensive list of Banner ORGs translated to Workday “Worktags” available, so you will not have to guess what your ORG turned into in Workday.