Make yourself at home!

Living on campus is one of the best ways to connect with your new community, make friends, and ensure that you have quick and easy access to campus support systems and resources. Students who live on campus are also more likely to be academically successful and involved in campus life. We believe that it's one of the most important ways we can help set you up for a dynamic, healthy, happy, and successful college career, which is why we require all first-year students to live on campus for their first two semester (see exemption information). 

On-campus housing options and costs

The cost of on-campus housing varies by residency hall type (traditional, two-bedroom, three-bedroom, four-bedroom, or single-occupancy) and between residence halls and apartments (for sophomores, juniors, and seniors). You can also choose to live in gender-inclusive housing, in the Adventure House, or in Animas Hall with our Faculty in Residence (read more about these and other living options). You'll find all your housing options and specific residence hall and apartment information on the Student Housing website. 

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Apply for on-campus housing 

The best time to apply for on-campus housing is right after you accept our offer of admission and pay you confirmation fee, although you can actually do it before you accept. Housing is assigned on a first-come-first-serve basis, so we strongly recommend that you apply right away, and preferably before April 1 (for students starting in the fall).  

Apply for on-campus housing