We have a lot of people here to support you on your way to enrollment. Here are a few:

Email Admission
Office phone: 970-247-7184

Email Housing
Office phone: 970-247-7503

Financial Aid
Email Financial Aid
Office phone: 970-247-7142

Registrar's Office
Email Registrar
Office phone: 970-247-7350

Student Success & Advising
Email Advising
Office phone: 970-247-7301

New Student & Family Orientation Program
Email Student and Family Orientation
Office phone: 970-247-7452

Email Skycards
Office phone: 970-247-7504

Accessibility Resource Center
Email the Accessibility Resource Center
Office phone: 970-247-7070

Native American Center
Email NAC
Office phone: 970-247-7221

El Centro de Muchos Colores
Email El Centro
Office phone: 970-247-7654

Gender & Sexuality Resource Center
Email GSRC
Office phone: 970-247-7170

Email the SkyStore
Office phone: 970-247-7415