See how your credits will transfer

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See how your existing credits are likely to carry into your degree at FLC and get an idea where you’ll be starting with us. Whether you’re coming from a two-year or four-year campus, whether you’ve earned a few credits since high school graduation or earned your Associate degree—we think you’ll find FLC to be a great next step for you. Use our agreements if you're coming from a partner school to see how your credits transfer, or use Transferology if you're coming from any school.

Transfer from a partner school

If you’re transferring from one of the following schools, check out the degree maps we've arranged with those schools to transfer your existing credits toward your degree at FLC.


New Mexico

  • Central New Mexico Community College (coming soon)
  • San Juan College
  • Santa Fe Community College (coming soon)

Bridge to Bachelor's Degree

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Start your journey at a Colorado community college, and finish at FLC with a bachelor’s degree. All in four years. We'll connect you with an FLC advisor when you start at your community college to support you throughout the process.

Transferring from any school

If you’re transferring from any other school, use Transferology, a third-party website, to see how your credits will transfer. You will be asked to create an account, a quick and simple process, and from there you’ll be able how credits will transfer from your school to FLC.

Using these tools will allow you to make an educated guess about how your credits will transfer. The official determination from FLC will come approximately three weeks after you are admitted.