How It Works

What is the Admission Promise program?

The CC to FLC Admission Promise program allows students from the Colorado Community College System to earn a Bachelor's degree by taking classes at a community college for the first two years and then at Fort Lewis College for the last two years. Students who meet the requirements of the program are guaranteed admission to Fort Lewis College and will enter FLC with junior class standing.  That means you’ll have only 2 more years to complete your Bachelor’s degree.

What are the benefits of this program?

  • The program is FREE—there is no charge to participate! Also, the FLC application fee is waived for Admission Promise students (currently a $40 value).
  • You can choose to pursue any of the 30 FLC academic major fields of study. There are no restrictions. 
  • There are no minimum high school GPA or ACT/SAT test score requirements.
  • You will be able to transfer 60 credits of your Associate’s of Arts or your Associate’s of Science degree toward a Fort Lewis College Bachelors’ degree.
  • You will receive academic support from both community college staff and FLC staff to facilitate your transition to Fort Lewis College.
  • You will be invited to special prospective student events in Denver and on the Fort Lewis College campus to meet with current students and FLC faculty and staff.

What are my obligations?

  • You must be a first-time freshman at one of the Colorado Community College System institutions
  • You must apply to the CC to FLC Admission Promise program through your online community college application for admission. Students cannot apply to this program once they have already been accepted to the community college. Please note that students may apply for this program only for the Fort Lewis Fall or Winter Semesters. No summer admissions are permitted.
  • You must declare an academic major aside from Undeclared on your Fort Lewis College application for admission.
  • You must grant permission for FLC staff to view/receive your community college transcripts.
  • You must meet with your Fort Lewis advisor at least once per semester, either in person or over the phone. 
  • You must apply for admission to Fort Lewis College by the following dates:  Fall semester—January 15.  Winter semester:  December 1 (Note: the application fee is waived for Admission Promise students.)
  • You must complete an AA or AS degree at one of the Colorado Community College System institutions. (Note: Students completing AAS degrees are not eligible for this program.)
  • You should graduate from the community college with at least a 2.4 cumulative GPA. (Note: If you don’t graduate with a 2.4 GPA, then you might still be eligible for admission, but it is not guaranteed.)

What are the college's obligations?

  • FLC will assign you an FLC advisor, starting your first semester at your community college. This advisor will help you choose appropriate classes at both your community college and FLC to help you graduate in 4 years.
  • FLC will waive your application fee of $40.
  • FLC will accept you to any available major and grant you junior status upon your admittance.