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Step 7: Next Steps

This page will cover many of the other questions you may have about your college experience. If you can't find the answers to your questions here, please contact the Office of Student Success at (970) 382-6985, toll-free (866) 385-3949, or

Required of All Students:

Immunization Records

The Student Health Center needs a copy of your current IMMUNIZATION RECORD showing evidence of 2 MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccinations is required to attend college in the State of Colorado.  This record is due prior to the start of classes, but no later than September 15 for fall term, January 31 for spring, May 10, June 15 or July 20 for summer sessions.  Avoid a late fee of $25 and a registration “hold” by getting the record to the Student Health Center well before these dates.

Use these forms to obtain the record from your doctor, health department, or Veteran’s Affairs office:

Send by fax (970-247-7621), mail (Student Health Center, 1000 Rim Drive, Durango, CO 81301) or e-mail (

Additional Opportunities

Make the most of your Fort Lewis College experience with these opportunities:

Join our Private Facebook Community

Fort Lewis College has a private Facebook community just for admitted and current students to make friends, share interests, and get involved on campus.

Current and admitted students can click here to sign up.

Partner with a Host Family

Host families help ease the transition for new students to college life by:

  • providing support and friendship to students away from home;
  • introducing new students to Durango and Southwest Colorado; and
  • providing a real-life experience for students apart from the everyday college perspective.

Click here to learn more about the host family program.

Check Your Fort Lewis Email Account

Now that you are signed up for classes, you’ll start receiving important emails to your Fort Lewis email account.  Email is the official means of communication for the college, and it is your responsibility to make sure you don’t miss out on important information.  You are expected to check your email regularly; when class is in session, you should check your email each day, and over breaks, once a week.  To check your email, click on “theFort” at the top right-hand side of this page, and then choose “Webmail.”  You can also forward your FLC email to your personal email address for convenient access on your smartphone or tablet.  If you have questions about setting up your email please contact the IT department via email ( or by calling 970-247-7444.

Attend New Student Orientation

You are automatically registered for New Student Orientation. You will receive an email at your Fort Lewis College Webmail account about a mandatory online pre-campus orientation course, which will help you be successful in your first semester in college.

Purchase Your Textbooks

To find the textbooks you'll need for each class, first print out a copy of your schedule (see above).  You can purchase your textbooks online by following the steps below, or you can purchase your books on campus at the bookstore, located in the bottom floor of the Student Union Building.

  • Go to: the FLC Bookstore
  • Choose "Textbooks & Course Materials"
  • Choose the term you will be attending
  • Choose the department of your first course (i.e. Math, Chem, etc.)
  • Choose the number of your first course
  • Choose the section of your course (the 5 digit CRN listed on your schedule)
  • Choose "Submit"
  • Textbooks will be listed; choose Used, New, or Digital textbooks
  • Choose "Add to Cart and add another course"; repeat with all courses
  • Purchase the items in your Cart

Optional Forms to Complete, Based on Student’s Situation:

College Opportunity Fund for Colorado Residents:

The College Opportunity Trust Fund (COF), created by the Colorado Legislature, provides a stipend to eligible undergraduate students to help them pay for college. Students who have been admitted to Fort Lewis College as in-state residents should apply for this stipend if they wish to reduce their out-of-pocket expenses.

Students can visit to apply for the stipend.

Disability Services:

Students with a documented disability seeking accommodations should complete the Disability Services Form

In-State Residency:

Students seeking in-state residency that has not yet been established should complete the Residency Form

Meningococcal Disease and Vaccinations Form:

Students seeking more information about meningococcal disease and vaccinations should consult the Meningcococcal Information Form

Native American Tuition Waiver:

Students seeking the Native American Tuition Waiver should complete the Certificate of Indian Blood


Placement Testing with the Accuplacer

Math and/or Composition Placement Testing

Students that require placement information can fulfill this requirement by taking an Accuplacer exam at the Fort Lewis College Testing Center.  Students may also take an Accuplacer exam to challenge existing math and/or composition placements.  Accuplacer exams may also be taken elsewhere and forwarded to the Fort Lewis College Testing Center.


View or Change Your Schedule

Viewing and Printing Your Schedule

  •  Go to theFort
  •  Login to your account with your username and password
  • Choose "WebOPUS" from the left column
  • Choose "Student Services"
  • Choose "Registration"
  • Choose "My Class Schedule (Day and Time)"

Adding or Dropping Classes After Your Appointment

All first-time freshmen will have a "schedule lock hold" placed on their records after their advising appointment.  If you are a first-time freshman and you want to make a change to your classes, please call 970-382-6985 to schedule a follow-up appointment with your advisor.

If you are not a first-time freshman, you can make the changes on your own or consult with your advisor. Keep in mind that once you drop a class it may be difficult to re-enroll in the course if the course is full and has a waitlist.

To make changes to your schedule:

  • Go to theFort
  • Login to your account with your username and password
  • Choose "WebOPUS" from the left column
  • Choose "Student Services"
  • Choose "Registration"

· To ADD a class:

  • Choose "Class Search"
  • Choose the term you wish to alter
  • Choose "Advanced Search" (do not highlight a subject at this point)
  • Using the search options, find the courses you wish to add to your schedule. Courses marked by "C" are closed; courses with a box next to them are available.
  • Check the box next to the course you wish to add. Choose "Register"

· To DROP a class:

  • Choose the term you wish to alter
  • Choose “Add/Drop Classes”
  • Select “Drop/Delete” from the drop-down menu directly to the right of the course you wish to drop from your schedule.
  • Choose “Submit Changes”


Waitlist for a Class

Information About Waitlists

If a class you need to take is full, you can get on the waitlist for the class to get a seat if one becomes available.  Students are notified if a waitlist seat is available only through their Fort Lewis email account.

Students on waitlists for classes must check their FLC email account at least once daily, even on weekends for notification that their waitlist seat is available.  To check your FLC email account, click on theFort at the top right-hand side of this page and choose “Webmail.”  You may also forward your FLC email to your personal email address for convenient access on your smartphone/tablet.  Students having trouble with their FLC email account may contact IT for assistance: or 970-247-7444.

If a student has not accepted a waitlist seat in the time frame noted on the email sent to their FLC account, they will be removed from the waitlist and their seat will be offered to the next person on the waitlist.  At this point, the student will have to sign up for the waitlist again.

How to Get on a Waitlist and Answers to Frequently Asked Questions


Find Your Advisor

If you would like to get in touch with the advisor you met with during your appointment, please send them an email or set up a follow-up appointment by calling (970) 382-6985 or 1(866) 385-3949.



Phone or Text

Crystal Fankhauser

(970) 946-4623 

Allison Flores

(970) 247-7249 (calls only) 

Kris Kowalski (970) 903-9273

Nathan Petesch

(970) 946-5839

Carrie Rehman (970) 903-4403
Carol Smith (970) 903-8684

Alyse Spencer

(970) 946-4217

Calvin Watts (970) 946-5325


Additional Helpful Information:

Confirming Financial Aid

If you are receiving financial aid, it is strongly suggested that you speak with a financial aid counselor to ensure that you understand the terms and conditions that apply to the aid you are receiving.  Please visit Step 4-Financial Aid for more information on how to reach your financial aid counselor and how to accept your financial aid package.

Cancelling Your Schedule

Now that you have registered for classes, you have incurred a financial commitment to Fort Lewis College.  If you decide not to attend Fort Lewis College, you must take action to cancel your schedule before the first day of classes to avoid being responsible for a portion of your tuition and fees.  You may go to the Registrar’s Office for more information.

Future Advising Questions

If you have other advising questions, please utilize the Office of Student Success’ online resources for degree planning.