Adventure Education

Why I chose Adventure Education

Advenure Education Students campingSpencer Lewis, Tyler, TX, Junior,
Major: Adventure Education

I chose Adventure Education as my major because I enjoy the outdoors, as well as teaching others. There have been several experiences that I love, but what has made me so engaged within this degree was definitely the block semester. During this semester I was not only learning outside the classroom, but I was learning new ways to teach new topics. I also was learning in an environment that was new and I loved what I was learning the whole time. I plan on working for Outward Bound or NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School), and at wilderness therapeutic camps. I also love the size of the Adventure Education program. The AE program feels like a family. Most of the time when AE students walk into a classroom, other AE people know their names and are eager to see them. I had no idea that by declaring AE as a major, I would find my second family. Most Adventure Education people are uplifting and encouraging to others. We are constantly building each other up to be the best of all of our abilities at this degree.



Adventure Ed Students in the fieldRoss McWilliams, Fort Collins, CO, Junior, Major: Adventure Education


I chose Adventure Education as my major for two reasons. First, I love doing almost any outdoor-related activity, so the major naturally fit my interests and personality. Second, after working at an orphanage in Kenya for six weeks during the summer prior to coming to Fort Lewis, I developed a passion for education. I hope to use the non-traditional educational techniques taught through AE to develop educational opportunities for children in Africa and other impoverished areas. The best part of the program is the level of attention that the professors give to each student. I really feel that I am someone who is known to the department as well as listened to on many issues. Also, I value the many friends I have made through the AE program. In addition to the AE degree I am pursuing, I am also looking at minoring in Peace and Conflict Resolution Studies. I feel that these two fields will pair very nicely and match my future goals well. Ideally, I want to utilize the skills I learn through my AE degree to promote peace through education in conflict zones around the world.



MapsJeffrey Horvat, Arvada, CO
Senior, Major: Adventure Education
Recipient of 2010-11 Adventure Education Major of the Year Award


I chose Adventure Education as a sort of alternative to traditional teacher education. I am passionate about nature and education and believe an adventure setting is capable of providing an exceptional learning experience. The AE program offers students an opportunity to take on the role of educator, in both the classroom and the great outdoors. The multi-day expeditions are always an exciting challenge, but I’ve grown to appreciate the challenge brought about by teaching my fellow students. I feel that the opportunity to teach at the college level has prepared me for a future in the field of education. I am currently serving an internship with the Telluride Academy, a highly respected outdoor education school. Beyond this internship I hope to attend graduate school, but may end up in Antarctica guiding clients and photographers on expeditions.

Consider an Adventure Education Major at Fort Lewis College

THE REWARD will be changing lives, including your own.

  • Are you drawn to active learning that is challenging both physically and intellectually?
  • Do you have a curious and inquiring mind?
  • Are you committed to the process, sometimes 24/7, of becoming an Adventure Education professional?

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