Adventure Education - Info for Transfer Students

Transferring to Adventure Education
Transfer Students:

The AE degree may be completed in four semesters if you have successfully completed the AA or AS degree of 60 credits, including specified AE transfer courses (see catalog transfer map to graduation). Without the specified AE transfer courses, the degree will take a minimum of six semesters. The AE immersion semester requires enrollment in AE 201, AE 210, and AE 220 in the fall semester, along with two other AE courses--AE 230 and another course to be specified. AE 201, AE 210, and AE 220 must the taken together; they cannot be completed separately. Therefore, transfer students entering the program with one or two, but not all three of these courses will need to still take all courses in the immersion semester, which may result in non-acceptance of some transfer credit.
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