Office of Student Success

Keep calm and transition on
Your academic advisor will be helping you transition to the new curriculum and policies coming with each semester. When it's time for your appointment, you will receive an email in your Fort Lewis account. Please be on the lookout!

Welcome to the Office of Student Success

Arts, Humanities, & Social Sciences Advising Team

Allison Flores

Kimberly Cutright

Carrie Rehman

Calvin Watts

Allison Flores
Team Captain
Carrie Rehman
Calvin Watts

Professional Programs Advising Team


Allison Flores

Kristopher Kowalski Laurel Sweeney  
Allison Flores
Team Captain
Laurel Sweeney  

STEM & Health Advising Team

Alyse Spencer

Crystal Fankhauser

Tara Frazer  
Alyse Spencer
Team Captain
Tara Frazer  


Fort Lewis College believes deeply in the importance of academic advising. Upon entering the College, every degree-seeking student is assigned to an advising team. These advisors are available to:

  • answer questions about classes & programs;
  • review past, current, & proposed course work;
  • guide educational & career planning;
  • and help with academically related problems.

All degree-seeking students must meet with their academic advisors at least once a term to review their progress towards graduation and to plan course selection for the next term.

Our assistance includes:

  • development of suitable educational plans;
  • clarification of career and life goals;
  • selection of appropriate courses and other educational experiences;
  • interpretation of institutional requirements;
  • enhancement of student awareness about educational resources available (e.g., internships, study abroad, honors, and learning assistance programs);
  • evaluation of student progress toward established goals;
  • development of decision making skills;
  • reinforcement of student self direction;
  • referral to and use of institutional and community support services
  • collection and distribution of data regarding student needs, preferences, and performance for use in making institutional decisions and policy.

The ultimate responsibility for making decisions about educational plans and life goals rests with the individual student. Academic advisors assist by helping to identify and assess alternatives and the consequences of decisions.

We subscribe to the National Academic Advising Association's core values of academic advising.