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Applying for Guest Status

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Students who have been Academically Disqualified may apply to take Fort Lewis College classes as a non-degree seeking, “Guest” student in order to raise the cumulative GPA above 2.00.  

Students who do not meet the guidelines for filing an appeal of their Academic Disqualification, may apply for Guest status immediately after notification of their academic disqualification.  Students who plan to file an appeal should wait to apply for Guest status until after notification of the outcome of their appeal. If the appeal is denied, then application for Guest status may be made.

Students on Guest status are ineligible for financial aid. They may be eligible for on-campus housing depending on housing availability and meeting enrollment requirements. Guest status must be reconfirmed each semester and requires a minimum 2.00 semester GPA, no grades of D or F, no course withdrawals and no Incompletes, and evidence of progress in returning to a 2.00 cumulative GPA. Students failing to meet these requirements will be ineligible for Guest status for at least one calendar year.

Guest students many only register for classes for which they have been approved. Approval is usually given only for General Education or Major classes required by the undergraduate degree program the student had been following. Students on Guest status may be restricted to taking less than a full-time load if it appears this will improve their academic success. 

Guest students must meet with their assigned “Guest Student Advisor” during Advising weeks to discuss progress and plans for the next semester. Guest students register for classes for the next semester after grades from the previous semester have been posted and eligibility to continue as a Guest has been confirmed.  


Steps to apply for Guest Student Status

Please Note: Applications for Guest status are no longer being accepted for Spring 2015. You may apply for Guest status for Summer 2015.  The deadline is April 15, 2015 for Summer Sessions beginning in May 2015.
  1. Complete the online application . Select “Not Seeking a Degree/GUEST.” There is a charge of $40 for filing this application.

  2. Print a copy of the Guest Student Course Plan form and complete it. Use WebOPUS Class Search to check course availability. Use the GPA Repair Calculator to figure out what grades you need to earn in the classes you are proposing to take in order to make realistic progress in repairing your cumulative GPA. 
  3. Email Crystal Fankhauser,, to schedule an appointment to review your application and plan. This review will include consideration of all parts of your educational record, including the disciplinary record. You should bring a copy of your FLC transcript and a copy of your Guest Student Course Plan to the meeting.
  4. The application decision will be sent to you via email to your official FLC email address. 

If you need further clarification regarding Guest Status, contact Crystal Fankhauser, Director of Student Success, at or 970-247-7670.


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