Academic Warning, Probation and Disqualification

If you are on Academic Warning or any form of Probation we strongly encourage you to schedule an appointment with a member of your advising team to figure out a plan to improve your GPA.

Academic Warning

We send out these warnings if your semester GPA was below 2.00 but your cumulative GPA stayed above a 2.00. Make an appointment to meet with your advising team and figure out a plan to keep your cumulative GPA from slipping below 2.00. Alternatively, you can use a GPA calculator. It may be alarming to receive this warning, but it is possible to raise your GPA, and ignoring it won't make it go away. Your advising team is here to help. If you receive an Academic Warning, you will be required to meet with a member of your advising team before registering for classes.

Academic Probation

If your cumulative GPA drops below 2.00, you'll be put on Academic Probation. Once this happens, you'll need to keep your semester GPA above 2.00 for three consecutive semesters to clear yourself of Academic Probation. You will be required to meet with a member of your advising team before registering for classes as long you are on Academic Probation.

Academic Disqualification

If your semester and cumulative GPAs remain below 2.00, you will not be able to attend FLC the following semester. You may appeal this decision. Read more about FLC's guidelines for Academic Standing and how to appeal Academic Disqualification.