Academic Advising and Faculty Mentoring
As of Fall 2018, all majors on campus will be professionally advised, which means that you will be able to see an advisor in the Advising Office and use any of our resources or appointment options. If you previously had a faculty advisor, that faculty member is now your mentor, and you are still welcome to see them for any questions you have about internships, career planning, or other mentoring subjects.
Ready to meet your advisor? Go to our Who's My Advisor? page.
Not sure if you should talk to your advisor or your faculty mentor? Check our infographic for Academic Advisors vs. Faculty Mentors below.
Professionally Advised and Faculty Mentored Majors

In some cases, you might have a faculty mentor and an academic advisor. There are specific things each person will be able to help with, and you can find a full list below on the Academic Advisor vs. Faculty Mentor graphic.

Majors That See Both:

  • Anthropology
  • Biology
  • Chemistry - Highly encouraged but not mandatory
  • Engineering - Highly encouraged but not mandatory
  • Environmental Studies
  • Public Health - Highly encouraged but not mandatory 
Contacting Your Faculty Mentor

If you know the name of your faculty mentor, you can search for their contact information in the Phone Directory.

If you do not know who your faculty mentor is, you can find that information by doing the following:

  • Log in to WebOPUS.
  • Click Student Services, then Student Records.
  • Click Advising Information. Your mentor’s name, office location, and phone number will be shown.

The contact information for your professional advising team will also appear here. You must meet with the person designated as your primary advisor in order to register for classes.