Faculty can see the list of their advisees for the term through their Faculty Services menu in WebOPUS. Select the current term to see advisees who are registered or are eligible to have registered for that term.

The NEW! List Advisees shows a scrollable list of all advisees with Alternate PINS, student information, holds, basic skills & placements, transcripts with midterm grades, WebCAPP reports and academic standing. The @ button at the bottom of the page lets you email all your advisees at once.

The (Printable) List Advisees link displays a print-friendly list of advising information. This is the best link to use if you want to print a list of all your advisees.

Getting an Electronic List of Advisees

  1. Login to your faculty WebOPUS account
  2. Select Faculty Services
  3. Select Term Selection and set it to the term of interest
  4. Select (Printable) List Advisees. You will see a list of your advisees who have registered or are eligible
    to register for the selected term.
  5. Use the mouse to highlight the entire list. The list with all its columns needs to be selected as
    an entire block. You can’t select individual columns.
  6. Use the Edit/Copy command to copy the highlighted information.
  7. Start Excel, and open a new worksheet.
  8. Click in a blank cell of the worksheet, and use the Edit/Paste command to paste your advising
    information list into the worksheet. The list should automatically divide into separate columns
    for student Name, Email, Alt Pin, etc.
  9. Save the worksheet. You now have an electronic list of your advisees.

You can format the worksheet columns using the regular Excel commands (e.g. column width, centering, font size, etc.)

What Advisees Should Do In Preparation for Their Appointment with You

Official Advising Weeks occur the 9th and 10th week of each Fall and Winter semester. It is helpful to email your advisees about a week in advance to remind them about how you handle registration advising (AltPIN advising). Use your own discretion about what types of appointments work best for you and your advisees (e.g. individual in-person/telephone/email, small groups, all majors…).

Here is a template email you can edit to tell your advisees how to contact you, what to prepare, and what to expect in the appointment.

Who Else Advises?

Every degree-seeking FLC undergraduate has an assigned faculty advisor (primary) and an assigned Admission & Advising staff advisor (AA advisor). Students who are members of the Program for Academic Advancement or who are Daniels Scholars will have additional advisors from these programs. Students who have more than one major may have a second (non-primary) faculty advisor.

You can see the names of all the advisors assigned to one student by looking at the "Student Information" page for that advisee in your WebOPUS New! List Advisees.

Have Questions or Need Help as a Faculty Advisor?

Contact Beverly Chew, Coordinator of Degree Planning Resources, 247-7512, chew_b@fortlewis.edu