Academic Warning, Probation, & Disqualification

If you are on Academic Warning or any form of Probation it is highly encouraged that you schedule an appointment with an academic advisor to discuss your status with the college. 

Academic Warning is truly meant as a warning.  You received this status because your semester GPA was below 2.00 but your cumulative GPA stayed above a 2.00.  This status is placed so that students are aware that below a 2.00 is not an acceptable GPA. 

Probation comes after academic warning and is used when the student received when both the semester and cumulative GPA are below 2.00.  If a student is placed on probation they have three semesters of receiving a semester GPA of 2.00 to improve their cumulative GPA so that it is also above a 2.00. 

Academic Disqualification occurs with both the semester GPA and cumulative GPA are below a 2.00. 

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