Office of Student Success

Undeclared Student Advising

Are you an undeclared major? See the list below for help choosing an advisor to meet with until you officially declare your major.

Interested in these majors?: Anthropology, Art (Communication [Graphic] Design, Studio Art), English/Journalism/Writing, Environmental Studies, Gender and Women’s Studies, History, Native American and Indigenous Studies, Music, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology, Spanish, or Theatre

Meet with any advisor from the Arts, Humanities, & Social Sciences team.

Interested in these majors?: Biology, Chemistry, Computer Engineering, Engineering, Geology, Mathematics, Physics, Psychology, or Public Health

Meet with any advisor from the STEM & Health Advising Team.

Interested in these majors?: Accounting, Adventure Education, Business, Economics, Exercise Science, Marketing, or Teacher Education

Meet with any advisors from the Professional Programs Advising Team

Want to choose a major, but not sure how? Start here.

If you really have no idea what major you want to pursue, please schedule an advising appointment with the Arts, Humanities, & Social Sciences Advising Team.