Undeclared Student Advising

Are you an undeclared major? See the list below for help choosing an advisor to meet with until you officially declare your major.

Interested in these majors?: Anthropology, Art (Communication [Graphic] Design, Studio Art), English/Journalism/Writing, Environmental Studies, Gender and Women’s Studies, History, Native American and Indigenous Studies, Music, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology, Spanish, or Theatre

Meet with any advisor from the Arts, Humanities, & Social Sciences team.

Interested in these majors?: Biology, Chemistry, Computer Engineering, Engineering, Exercise Science, Geology, Mathematics, Physics, Psychology, or Public Health

Meet with any advisor from the STEM & Health Advising Team.

Interested in these majors?: Accounting, Adventure Education, Business, Economics, Marketing, or Teacher Education

Meet with any advisors from the Education & Business Team.

Want to choose a major, but not sure how? Start here.

If you are truly undecided about what major you want to pursue, please schedule an advising appointment with the Arts, Humanities, & Social Sciences Advising Team.