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Thursday, May 15, 2014

At FLC, it's a family affair

For some Fort Lewis College graduates, a college education isn’t an adventure to embark upon alone – they brought their family with them. At least five sets of siblings graduated together in the Spring 2014 Commencement Ceremony, and countless others were joined by their alumni siblings in the stands. Has FLC been a family affair for your family? If so, share a photo on our Alumni Facebook page or email it to us!

Callie Morris (Marketing, ’14) is the youngest in her family to graduate from FLC. She was joined at the ceremony by three alumni siblings: Matt Morris (Business Administration - Finance, ‘12), Marc Morris (Economics, ’13), and Zelda Morris (Psychology, ’11). Callie notes, “We grew up here and are such a close family. I think we just loved Durango too much to leave. Matt got a scholarship for basketball, Zelda loved the Psychology Department, and Marc played soccer and football. I just wanted to stay close to the family and was really interested in the School of Business Administration.” Pictured left to right: Matt Morris, Callie Morris, mother Heidi Morris, Marc Morris, and Zelda Morris.

Rebekah (Sociology – Criminology option, ‘14) and Matthew Wells (BA – Engineering Management option, ’14) had similar reasons for choosing Fort Lewis College – great programs and faculty, only two hours from their home in Dulce, New Mexico, and a real value with the Native American Tuition Waiver. “It wasn't our intention to attend college together although we knew we would eventually be attending at the same time,” says Rebekah. “He is technically two years behind me, but since I took some time off for military training and active duty, we both ended up in the same place.” Adds Matthew, “Friends have come and gone, and I've seen a lot happen to the Fort during my time here. Having her here for most of my college career has been helpful in that she always supports me and we help each other out.” Pictured left to right: Rebekah and Matthew Wells.

The Smith family, from Norman, Oklahoma, also has a generational commitment to Fort Lewis College. Ben Smith (Sociology/Human Services, ’12), the eldest, graduated a few years ago and now works with information technology at Head Start in Durango. Matt Smith (Sociology, ’14) will soon start his new job at the Boys and Girls Club of Durango. Sam Smith, a current sophomore, is involved in radio, television, and film on campus. And Mariah Smith, still enrolled at Norman High School, plans to enroll for the Fall 2015 semester! Pictured left to right: Ben Smith, Mariah Smith, Sam Smith, and Matt Smith.

Identical twins Abigail (Exercise Science – Sport Administration option, ’14) and Allison Kvidera (Exercise Science – Exercise Specialist option, ’14) didn’t plan to attend the same school – but they just couldn’t help it! “Originally Ally wanted to go out east for school, and I wanted to go out west,” says Abigail. “We both went on a trip to Colorado to visit three different colleges that had women's lacrosse programs. After touring FLC and seeing Durango, we both wanted to go here and couldn't tell the other they couldn't. So it worked out with us both here, which made our parents happy. It was nice having my twin sister around throughout the four years.” Allison feels the same: “Choosing to study at Fort Lewis was the greatest decision I ever made,” she says. Pictured left to right: Abigail Kvidera and Allison Kvidera.

Ryan (Art – Art option, ’14) and Trevor Doty (Chemistry, ’14) already had a connection to FLC – their mother, Sharon, works in the Registrar’s Office. “I decided to attend Fort Lewis because it was an affordable option for undergraduate education,” says Trevor. “We did not plan on going together, let alone to graduate at the same time, as Ryan is three years my senior. Going to school with Ryan was great, and I do think that it strengthened our relationship to some degree. We didn't see much of each other since Ryan was studying art on one side of campus and I was studying chemistry on the opposite side of campus. But having similar schedules allowed us to spend some of our breaks together on adventures.” Pictured left to right: father Mark Doty, Ryan Doty, Trevor Doty, and mother Sharon Doty.

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